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Image by Rafaella Mendes Diniz

Dermal Fillers

Treatment with dermal fillers can soften or eliminate wrinkles, hydrate and plump lips, lift cheeks, restore soft tissue volume loss, and volumize creases and folds of the face. When injected by a skilled provider, dermal fillers can give you a very natural refreshed look, and take several years off of your face. Bohème Aesthetics is dedicated to providing undetectable, natural-looking results with dermal filler.

Leaves Shadow

How It Works

The dermal fillers we use at Bohème are made from hyaluronic acid, this is what our body naturally makes to keep our skin supple, smooth, and hydrated. When injected into the face, dermal fillers can restore and rejuvenate loose, volume depleted, or wrinkled skin. They can also improve sagging skin by helping restore volume and hydration. The procedure is quick, and you can expect to see results immediately. We use the most advanced techniques to ensure you receive the best possible results.

What It Treats

Dermal Fillers can be used to restore the cheeks, for under eye hollowing, lip enhancement, treatment of smile lines, lip lines, hollowed temples, chin definition, non surgical nose job, and jawline contouring.


Dermal Fillers instantly revitalize your face by smoothing away wrinkles, restoring natural volume, or adding shape and fullness to your lips.

Dermal Fillers 
Natural, Restored, Smooth Skin

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