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Skin Analysis

BOHÈME Aesthetics

Pricing & Services

Reinvent Yourself with Injectables:
Instant Results, Lasting Transformation.


Botox                                                                  $12.99/unit

Dysport                                                               $4.33/unit

Daxxify                                                                $8.20/unit


Dermal Fillers

Lips                                                                        $675-730

Midcheeks                                                             $700-800

Lateral cheeks                                                       $700-800

Under eyes                                                            $700

Smile Lines                                                            $700

Non-surgical nose job                                          $900

Non-surgical chin augmentation                         $800-1600

Jawline                                                                   Cost Varies

Temples                                                                 $700-1600

Dermal Filler Packages

Signature Cheek and Undereye                          Starting at $1400

Signature Facial Balancing and Harmonization  Starting at $700 per syringe (3-6 typically needed)

*This package combines the use of dermal filler and neuromodulators to restore facial structure and contour, and to achieve a more balanced, rested, and refreshed facial appearance.


Collagen Induction treatments

Microneedling                                                      $350

Microneedling with PRF                                      $680

This treatment includes microneedling with the addition of platelet rich fibrin (PRF). The PRF is derived from a sample of the patient’s blood. It is rich in collagen stimulating factors and nutrients.                                                          

Platelet Rich Plasma or

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRP)/PRF) Injections           $499

PRP and PRF injections signal the body to recruit stem cells to whichever area is treated to create new collagen                                

PRP hair restoration                                             $699                                                                              

PRX-T33 skin biorevitalizer                                  $250                                         

Unicorn Facial                                                       $600

Smooth Threads                                                   $60/thread


Thread Lifts

Full Face Thread Lift                                        $2500

Cheek Lift                                                         $1200

Brow Lift                                                            $1200

Neck Lift                                                            $1200



The peels we offer are designed to effectively target and treat pigmentation, aging, dullness, and acne

VI peel                                 $325

VI Precision Plus                 $375

VI purify                               $375

VI advanced                        $375

VI purify plus                       $375

Fat Reducer

Kybella                                $600/vial

Sclerotherapy vein treatment        Call for Pricing  

Other Treatments

IV Therapy

VI Peels

Prescription grade skin care                                  Call for Pricing $

Wellness Shots

Vitamin B12

Vitamin D3

IV vitamin infusions - coming soon

Hillary Patton, MSN, FNP-C Botox and Filler Provider


I saw Hillary today for Botox and Juvederm. She is kind, gentle and very knowledgeable and keeps you informed about what she’s doing. Hillary is a perfectionist! If you need fillers or Botox, I’d suggest you book an appointment with her. ️ ️ ️ ️ ️

-Lana H.

Lip Botox Injection
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